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Fun Dice Games to Play

 Dice games are fun to play. They also exercise the mind. Try to get out of your comfort zone by spending your leisure time playing dice games. You can get dices online. Metallic dices are made from different materials. There are at zinc, tin, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and cast copper dices. They come in a variety of colors for you to choose. The following are some of the dice games that will interest you. Pig dice game needs you to make decisions that risk the points from a roll to increase the scores by rolling gain. It is easier than the 10000 dice game. You need a minimum of two players. The player who has the highest score starts the game. The player rolls a dice to start the game. If he or she adds the points to his or her overall score or rolls one, it is the turn of the other player. Rolling a 1 ends the turn of a player. Learn more about dnd dice tray

The player gets no points and loses points from previous rolls. If there was any other number aside from 1, they add the number to the overall score and continues to roll the dice. The player can end the current time by adding all the points from the turn to the total score. The win is the one who reaches 100 points first. Two or more players play Mexico dice game. Each player gets two rolling dices and an additional dice. Each player starts the game with six lives. Every player is given a dice to track the number of lives that the player has. Players take turns to roll the two dices that they have in the first round.  More on this site

Each play sums up both dices. A player who got the lowest roll loses a life. The player has to change the dices from 6 to 5.players continue to play rounds, and the one who loses all lives cannot continue to participate in the game. The player who is left after all the players have lost their lives in the winner. The Greedy or greed dice game is the most popular among all dice games. It is called 10000 or 5000 dice game depending on the rules of the game. Two or more players, because there is no maximum number of players, can take part in the game with a maximum of six dices. The game has five dice variants. Players test their luck. The player who will reach 10000 points first is the winner of the game.